17 abril, 2024 - Infonews

Disney+ seeks to include linear television channels

Disney is planning to introduce new ad-supported channels that will offer a continuous stream of content 24 hours a day, much like traditional television.

According to internal sources, the idea is for these channels to broadcast themed content from Disney’s major brands, ranging from Pixar and National Geographic to Marvel and Star Wars. This concept is not entirely new, as platforms like Pluto TV and Tubi have popularized the format known by its acronym in English, FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming Television).

The report indicates that these channels will feature advertisements, but viewers will still need a subscription to Disney+ to access the content. This differs from platforms like Prime Video and the Freevee service, which offer free streaming channels to all users. It remains unclear how and when this feature will be integrated into Disney+. The company declined to comment on the matter, so we can only await further information.

While one of the benefits of streaming platforms is the ability for users to choose the content they want to watch without being tied to schedules and fixed programming, the reality is that a portion of the audience still prefers the simplicity of turning on the television and tuning into any program.

FAST channels could potentially be integrated into Disney+ with the aim of keeping viewers engaged on the platform for longer periods. The information, sourced from unidentified individuals «involved in the planning,» suggests that this strategy is «part of the broader streaming services’ focus on increasing the amount of ‘time subscribers spend with their apps as the industry shifts from trying to sign up more people to trying to make real money».


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